Pixel-Beads - Convert pictures into fuse bead patterns for free

pixel-beads beispiel

Fuse beads are small, heat-activated beads that can be placed on a pegboard to create interesting patterns. After heating with the iron, the beads merge into a unique work of art! These beads are relatively inexpensive and can be made into any desired shape or pattern.

With Pixel-Beads you can convert photos or pictures into fuse bead patterns.
Just select your favorite picture, determine the number of beads as well as the number of colors and let Pixel-Beads pixelate your picture. You can choose different manufacturers like Hama, Artkal, Nabbi or Perler. With a few clicks, the finished pattern can be downloaded as a PDF and can be easily printed out. In the PDF you will find all informations to immediately started with your project.

For your bead project you need:

For detailed instructions how to use Pixel-Beads click here.